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Business Insurance Basics

ADRIAN MAK | 09-26-2019

Running a business can be an exciting way to earn money, provide useful goods and services to your community, create jobs, and serve as a platform for personal creative expression. However, in addition to the opportunities it provides, business is also full of risk. Successful businesses use a variety of tools to manage their risks.

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The Top 5 Insurance Products Every Startup Needs

Les Brown | 09-20-2019

The fast-paced nature of the startup world means that entrepreneurs often overlook the insurance products necessary to help protect a growing company. But simply telling your board “We have insurance” does not mean it is the appropriate insurance for your particular company or that the policy is being properly utilized. Insurance should be viewed as, and maximized like, any other company asset.

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It's Time To Check Up On Your Insurance Policy

Steph Wagner | 09-20-2019

Many employers may not start thinking about health insurance until this fall when open enrollment begins creeping up. But if your premiums got bumped up a bunch this year -- and mine sure did! -- you know that next year will almost certainly be just as bad. It’s time to start thinking about this now, because there are two big options you should at least explore.

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How To File An Insurance Claim After A Natural Disaster

Geoff Williams | 09-17-2019

Understand what your policy will – and won't – cover after a flood, fire or other unforeseen events.

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Dropping Medicare For Employer Health Coverage May Trip You Up

Sarah O’Brien | 09-11-2019

By 2026, about 30% of individuals ages 65 through 74 — and about 11% of the 75-and-over crowd — are expected to be in the labor market. If you are going back to work and your employer’s health-care plan qualifies as acceptable primary coverage, you are permitted to drop Medicare and re-enroll down the road. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

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